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Our Story 

We are the Stew Crew, better known as Valerie and Jimmy Stewart along with our two little boys. 

Jimmy and I met in 2018 in North Carolina while being assigned to the same medical team in the Army. We quickly became best friends and started dating within months. Our relationship was put to the test while we both deployed to different areas of Afghanistan. After those 9 months we knew without a doubt that we didn't want to do life without each other.  So with a quick trip to Tina's Tiny Weddings, we were hitched!


10 months later and our first son was born! After that our lives completely changed. I decided to end my military contract early to be with our son and I became fully invested in being a mom. I had no idea what I was doing and everything seemed to overwhelm me. I decided to learn everything I could to creating a homestead for my family.  I went back to school to earn my degree in Alternative Medicine  and make massive lifestyle changes. Now I want to help my fellow families do the same! 


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